Wednesday, 20 June 2007


However, here is something recycling centres will take. My local recycling centre has bins that takes clothes and shoes for charity.

Flushed bra causes sewer collapse
Flushed bra which caused sewer collapse

A bra and a pair of knickers have been blamed for a flood and road collapse in County Durham.

Northumbrian Water said the underwear was flushed down a toilet and caused a blockage in a sewage pipe in Middleton-St-George, near Darlington.

Heavy rain, together with a build up of grease and fat, caused the pipe to burst and the road above to collapse.

The road will remain closed for days and Northumbrian Water estimates repairs will cost more than £15,000.

The company has now urged residents to think carefully about what they flush away.

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Steve said...

People should take the Gok Wan approach to disposing of unwanted undergarments... pass them through a shredder!