Saturday, 2 June 2007


I have been avidly reading NO IMPACT MAN'S BLOG and it has definitely inspired me.
However, whilst it has inspired me a great deal I do not necessarily agree with everything he says or does but the raising of awareness that it brings can only be beneficial. Obviously No Impact Man is doing what he is doing to reduce his impact on the world but I wonder ethically about his project because it is for a year(our commitments in this area should be for life) and the fact that he is doing it to write a book and make a film. Hey if you can profit from it why not but I am personally of the view that whatever we do is a drop in the ocean and we should spend a lot our time convincing governments to play their part cthey are the only ones who have significant power to make real differences. Let us hope that his government listens to him.
Whilst I have felt that I do a lot as far as reducing my environmental impact is concerned I really feel after reading N0 Impact Man's blog that there is so much more that I can do. Hence my renewed conviction to GOING GREENER. I may have upset my children before but I think perhaps my renewed convictions may be a step too far for them as they are typical teenagers. We shall see.
I have decided that my first point of attack will be on my use(or over use!) of electricity.
I will concentrate on replacing my remaining normal light bulbs with low energy light bulbs, switching off light and appliances when not needed and reducing my use of the washing machine and the dishwasher though i do use the low temperature eco washes on both.
Plus try not to use the tumble dryer at all, at present I air dry everything that I can outside or on dryers in the house but sometimes I put the clothes in the tumble dryer for 5 minutes to finish things off.
I think I will also spend the weekend thinking about how to raise government awareness to the situation as ultimately that must be my major goal. Any suggestions?

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