Sunday, 3 June 2007


Well it has been an interesting weekend.
I completed my water experiment this morning at 10am and after measuring all the water I used in the kitchen sink over a 24 hour period I am shocked to say that the total amount of water used came to approximately 28 litres !
How can I have possibly used that much?( I was also trying hard not to use too much)
And that did not include the water used in the splash room downstairs which includes a shower, sink and toilet, the bathroom which includes a shower, sink, toilet and bath and the kitchen which has the dishwashers and washing machines.
It isn't just the fact that I am using so much water in itself but the fact that it takes so much energy to make sure that the water is pure enough to drink, even the water used to flush the toilet is pure enough to drink but I will not be testing that one.
A little set back on the saving water used as yesterday was the first day for ages that I was able to wash and put out my sofa and chair throws as it has been raining on and off all week and yesterday was sunny. They would have had to have been done at sometime and at least I used an eco-wash on the machine and Ecover wash liquid and fabric conditioner. I dilute the wash liquid and conditioner considerably and it still does the job really well AND I wash at 30 degrees.
The fabric conditioner still makes the clothes soft but it also reduces the fabric conditioner smell which I am not too keen on.
I used the water that I measured from the sink to wash the garden steps and path, to wash the dustbins and water my flowers and plants and I rinsed the steps, path and bins with clean water from the water butt.
And does it make me feel any better having saved and re-used so much water?
Not really, the thought of all the rest of the water that is used in the house that I have no control over is really going to bother me.
Where I live there is a person who lives about 3 streets away who has dogs and his back garden is completely paved and once or twice a week he sluices his garden with water and the hose is left on constantly for about an hour and it is perfectly legal and I can't help worrying about all the wasted water when I see it happening. I know the water all goes back into the system but what a waste of money and energy to have to re-purify it.
And finally on the saving water front, Fiona thinks that I am sick! According to her normal people do not recycle water from their house, she thinks that I am plain weird. Oh dear, poor much more to come!

Not forgetting my reduction in the use of electricity, I bought long life-low energy bulbs and they are fitted in every light socket in the house. The light bulb packet claimed that the bulbs used 80% less electricity and lasted 6 times as long as normal bulbs. Fiona made no comment on the bulbs!
My children also like to sleep with a light on on the house and they have been instructed to make sure that only ONE light bulb stays on at night. As I don't go upstairs very often I am not always aware of electricity usage upstairs so I am going to have to make a few unexpected visits to check that everything is going to plan. I find it quite irritating to be out in the garden at night and to look back at the house and see every light on upstairs and know that none of the girls are up there!

As for my first project on raising awareness, perhaps it could be to do with using water more considerately.Next a plan of action.

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