Thursday, 7 June 2007


I have decided to get Runningman an allotment for his 60th birthday(well he will be doing all the digging!). It seems that there is a bit of a waiting list but the guy I spoke to said it should be sorted in approximately 2 weeks.It seems that there are a few gardens that haven't been tended in a while and so the manager of the site will be speaking to the tenants to see if they still want their sites.In some areas the waiting list is many years.
I would like to grow my own vegetables because I am having a bit of a situation with the vegetables that I buy. The organic vegetables that are in good condition come from Far,Far Away whilst the local produce is really rubbish quality. Don't worry girls, I will only grow a small amount of Butternut squash! I am hoping that growing my own will also give more variety as the only locally grown organic produce that I have been able to buy is potatoes and carrots and cauliflower.
When I prepared the vegetables I had to throw half of it away as it was rotten.

Yesterday's evening meal was a mix of vegetarian, organic and convenience-I was too tired to make any thing else. We had boiled organic potatoes from Egypt, tinned carrots(I am ashamed) and vegetarian Toad in the Hole from the freezer. I think that I shall have to make and freeze better things when I am less tired. Tonight I shall be making Spaghetti Bolognese as I am still feeling tired, however tonight's meal will be made from totally organic ingredients

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