Monday, 25 June 2007


I did my GCSE Art 4 years ago in the Llanover Hall Art Centre.
I have decided that in September I will do the A level course but this time I may do the exam in Coleg Glan Hafren.
I have said before that I really like the work of Banksy but I also like the work of other types of street artists.I feel their imagination and creativity have inspired me.
This is the kind of street art that I love.

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I find this kind of street art less inspirational.

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For my final piece of work for my GCSE I made a shrine, shrines weren't so big in the art world then and it was made totally out of recycled stuff, junk, whatever.I loved it. I got an A and I was way impressed with myself.
I love street art, recycled art, collage, found art,I love Brutalism -it may be a form of architecture but it is pure art to me. Yes I know the love of Brutalism makes me certifiable but I can't stop myself loving it, Brutalism has a post-apocalyptical world vibe to it which inspires me. You look at a Brutalist building and it screams 60's Brave New World.

University Hospital of Wales, Cardiff

This is The University Hospital of Wales where I trained to be a nurse and 4 of my girls were born. Much of its brutalist past is now gone, due to constant renovations and the need for more space it has been re-built, renovated and built upon.

After reading about recycled art on Olympia Dumpster Divers I am going to write to the council and suggest activities that schools and the community might like to get involved in to encourage art and recycling(thank you for the link Ruby, a brilliant site. I am reading my way through your posts). I really need to sort out my art studio so I can get down to some serious art work.
I first came across a schools recycled art competition in the late 90's in Spain and I was just plain amazed at what you could do with junk.

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