Tuesday, 12 June 2007


Did you read this one Anastasia?

The truth about recycling

Jun 7th 2007
From The Economist print edition

T IS an awful lot of rubbish. Since 1960 the amount of municipal waste being collected in America has nearly tripled, reaching 245m tonnes in 2005. According to European Union statistics, the amount of municipal waste produced in western Europe increased by 23% between 1995 and 2003, to reach 577kg per person. (So much for the plan to reduce waste per person to 300kg by 2000.) As the volume of waste has increased, so have recycling efforts. In 1980 America recycled only 9.6% of its municipal rubbish; today the rate stands at 32%. A similar trend can be seen in Europe, where some countries, such as Austria and the Netherlands, now recycle 60% or more of their municipal waste. Britain's recycling rate, at 27%, is low, but it is improving fast, having nearly doubled in the past three years.

I use fabric napkins at mealtimes, even when we go on picnics and I have always thought that they were environmentally better than paper napkins but Triple Pundit believes that environmentally paper are better and explains why.
The calculations here may be true for Triple Pundit but for me I cannot see how environmentally they are the better way.I make napkins out of cotton garments that I no longer need and I wash them with the daily towel wash which happens anyway(so many mucky children) and so an extra wash is not needed, so there is no extra cost or energy used.

A good hour spent this afternoon going to charity shops. I bought a lot of books and fabric, I made our evening meal from one of the recipes in a vegetarian cookbook that I bought. A vegetarian, organic pizza which Beauty insisted on eating half off, I was totally amazed. Well that widens what she is prepared to eat. I would show you a picture of the pizza but the computer is not cooperating.Sorry.

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