Thursday, 5 July 2007


The following is for my Dumpster Diving friends.

This is a skip

Some skip diving

Dip in: an increasing number of people are diving  into supermarket dumpsters to reclaim discarded food. For many, it is more about reducing waste than free food.

And this is a SKIP

(just kidding around-but it is a Skip none the less) The Vermont Mountaineers' mascot is a woodchuck named "Skip."

And this

Image:Man rummaging thought a skip.jpg

And this

The majority of skips seem to be outside of houses where building work is going on-I am looking for old wood at the moment, preferably of the old floorboard variety.

Shops and industry do use skips but their bins are usually of a different type.

Unfortunately a lot of houses now have these little treasures - I am ashamed to say that I have them. It is meant to look tidier and keep rats at bay but according to a TV news report, rats can easily chew through them.

NOT my wheelie bins!

Picture of overflowing bins at a food business.

Shop bins

Rubbish Bin

Rubbish Bin

I may not like the obviousness of these bins but they are certainly better than fly tipping

Fly Tipping - Back Lane

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Ruby said...

thanks for the pics of the skips! I have been taking pics of dumpsters and intend to post them sometime, until then, love, etc Ruby Re-Usable