Thursday, 5 July 2007


I always turn to the sports pages first, which records people's accomplishments. The front page has nothing but man's failures
Chief Justice Earl Warren



A bowl of candy on the table. Mom got this candy from a visitor from Thailand recently, and the whole family dug in to enjoy it (except me).

Cand paper

Though I didn’t eat much I saved a couple of the transparent and colorful candy wrapping papers and flattned them.

First diary collage ever

And then I did a collage in my present diary, the Moleskine notebook. This is the first collage in a diary for me, I made it in between all the writing. It was really fun, and the candy paper was great to use here - I’ll have to do more collages in this book before I finish it. Colour collage perhaps, I love those!

Another fun new thing I did recently was keeping my diary by my side when I was surfing on the internet. I had a nice pen and added some good quotes to my Moleskine diary, like this:

Quotes found on various sites

New method (for me) of filling a page, but great. I adore a good quote, and I’ve allways collected them but not in my diary like this before… Kind of neat though, to see what kind of quotes I’m drawn to right now in my life when I look back at them later.

I must try this “note taking” more. Why press “print” everytime you see something nice? Why not write it down with a pen in a real book and make it last longer than a little post-it-note? Or maybe add the post-it to your journal? Give it a try!

These pages are brilliant. I am so going to have to finish my art studio so I can carry on with my art work. I LOVE COLLAGE. Oh I wish I were so talented.

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