Friday, 16 February 2007


I believe that dreams are nothing more that the manifestations of all the things that we see and hear and come across in our waking lives. But gee mine are so weird!
Just before I was so rudely awoken this morning I was dreaming a dream....................
I was in New York giving out cups of tea to ladies of the night from the back of a lorry, one of the girls was so impressed with my UK accent that she insisted on taking a photograph of me. She apologised for her job and I replied, 'I have been a waitress and a wife in my life, that's not much different to your job'! Yep, lack of sleep kicking in there.
A psychologist would have a great time with my dreams, I then dreamt that a mobius strip came floating through the air at me and I walked through it(but nothing changed and I was still in the same place) and it reduced in size and became a Celtic gold ring and it floated on to my finger.
I am so glad that I didn't live during some other era of time or I would either have been burned at the stake as a witch or started a new religion with dreams like that!
I have been reading through the Bible since Christmas( a lot of skimming I'm afraid) and I am surprised how many of the Old Testament communications have actually been 'dreams' rather than 'meetings' with any kind of heavenly beings! I started to go to church when I was about 9 or 10 years old and I suppose a lot of ideas I have regarding the Bible come from that time and so I think that a lot of my naive impressions stem from a child's understanding.

This is where I live!

Two shops hit by armed robberies

A bookmakers and a travel agency have been targeted in two armed robberies within hours of each other.South Wales Police sealed off a shopping centre in Lakeside, Cardiff, after two men, believed to be armed with a firearm, held up the Betfred shop at 1100GMT.Police are keeping an "open mind" about if it is linked to an armed robbery at Thomson's Travel, Pontyclun at 1400.No-one was injured and it is thought no shots were fired in either incident.The men who held up the Cardiff betting shop are believed to have fled with a quantity of cash and escaped in a getaway car driven by a third man.

Because I can't walk very far due to arthritis , I tend to shop in areas where I can park the car and walk straight in to the shop. I live in the dodgy end of Cardiff but these shops are not very far from where I live and I go to a post office, a chemist and a cake shop here as they are on the way back to my house from town. The shops are in one of the nicer areas of Cardiff and the thought of guns being used so close to where I live is just difficult to comprehend. Even though I joke about where I live as being dodgy , I think it is a positive haven compared to other places I read about in the news.

I was just amazed to read about this in the news yesterday.
Thousands to police smoking ban
By Nick Triggle
Health reporter, BBC News

Thousands of council staff are being trained to police the smoking ban in bars, restaurants and shops in England.
Ministers have given councils £29.5m to pay for staff, who will be able to give on-the-spot £50 fines to individuals and take court action against premises. They will have the power to enter premises undercover, allowing them to sit among drinkers, and will even be able to photograph and film people. Smokers' groups and industry officials said the plans were a "waste of money". The smoking ban is due to come into force on 1 July. It covers virtually all enclosed public places including offices, factories, pubs and bars. But neither outdoor space nor private homes will be affected.

I cannot believe that so much money is to be spent 'policing' this. I think it is totally unnecessary to spend any money 'policing' it.
No I am not a smoker but if I went to a bar or a pub or a restaurant and they were smoking and the proprietor refused to stop the people smoking then I wouldn't go again, as simple as that.
I can only imagine that smoking still exists in the smallest of offices and factories and so I can't see that as being too big an issue. If it were then contained to 'policing' the areas where complaints are made, surely that wouldn't cost £29.5m? I am sure that everyone can guess where I would spend the money? Better preventative health care sounds good to me!
And.......... can you imagine being one of the people who would have to do the 'policing' in the
pubs and bars. It doesn't sound a very safe job trying to stop people smoking if they have had a few drinks.
Councils have complained that they do not have enough money to pay for social care but does the government give them extra money for this?

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Steve said...

When I was in my twenties I made a fair stab at keeping a dream diary and managed to keep it up for a good 15 months or so. After a while I found I'd trained myself to recall dreams so well that the level of detail I could record was amazing. I was desperate to find proof of some precognitive element to my dreams. Sadly I found none but did realize - quite depressingly - that my dream diary was far more interesting than my real life journal!

Regarding the smoking ban - being a council worker I can verify that there is much tightening of our anti-smoking policies at the moment but thankfully people here are taking a more gentle humane approach. No fines. No Lynchings. Just the removal of all the fag bins!