Sunday, 10 May 2009


My last blog entry was about a house warming present I had just made for The Boomerang Child, well it looks like this summer she will be back!
I shall comment no further.

Since the last time I wrote my all things green has escalated I am now a member of FREECYCLE CARDIFF and whilst I get rid of lots of things,some of the members really do push their luck by not showing up to collect things.It seems that other members also have this problem.
My favourite things to get rid of on FREECYCLE are jam jars with lids,egg boxes, used packaging and big bags of mixed items to be used for car boot sales. The car booters always show up!

And I am slowly but surely spring cleaning my house and de-cluttering.
It feels very good.


Last year I also managed to grow lots of things in planters and I grew all my own lettuce for the summer which is quite an achievement when you consider I am a vegetarian who loves salad!
I have begun to plant my garden and tidy it for the summer and it is looking very bright and cheery. It has lots of windmills and Gnomes and bright things just for Beauty and YES she loves them.
She may be 8 but she loves the visual stimulation of a toddler.


I wonder if I will ever achieve my goal of a perfect garden and home........I don't think so!

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Angry Housewife said...

so glad that you are back! I was going through my blog roll, deleting orphaned and abandoned blogs, and was about to do so with this one, too, but I double checked and was thrilled to see that you have once again posted, hooray! yours in recycling and art, etc Ruby